This will be the 10th year that we've had the Gator Fry. It started when I came back from Florida.  When I moved down there, I took chicken frying with me.  The folks in The Key's didnt know anything about kettle fried chicken. 


When I moved back I brought a little southern meat along with me.



Alan & Mary Stenger


A Little Background



The Hosts



Jim and Ruth Stenger

Stenger's 2019 Gator Fry

Where The Gator Comes From

Cattle and Corn is not the only thing you can farm!

I purchase the Gator from a Gator Farm in Louisiana.  It is cleaned and vacummed packed and then sent over night via FEDEX.  It's fresh and ready for our secret seasonings.  The farm I buy from also raises crawfish and turtle's for meat.

Come enjoy the great tatse of what the Swamp People hunt!